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DCG Vision Marketing & Sales International Ltd. provides high quality innovative products and superior customer service while building strong work relationships through commitment, honesty, integrity and team work.

DCG Vision Marketing & Sales International Ltd. strives to develop revolutionary solutions and new products that are in harmony with the environment, as well as the safety of those who use them.

DCG Vision Marketing & Sales International Ltd.  brings new products and services to market. Our team of consultants and designers specialize in marketing ideas and materials, product development, branding, package design, label compliancy, website development and more.

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Customer Testimonials

True Effects Hand & Skin Shield

Working with gasoline, carb cleaner, grass, grease, oil and a variety of solvents has caused my fingers and hands to crack and become infected for years. The Minnesota Winters have added to this problem. Recently, I started using Hand & Skin Shield and this product has given me relief that I haven’t had in 45 years.

Jeff Gruber

Lap-It-Up Dog Water Bottle

I like to bring my dog hunting with me, and your bottles design works well with everything else I need to carry with me in the bush.

Robinson Thapa

Cell Shield

As a lawyer, I use my cell phone alot, and I noticed that my cellphone gets hot and was starting to irritate my ear. I came to the Cancer Control seminars and conferences and saw your Cell Shield. I got one and after only one day, already my phone is not getting hot anymore, my ear feels better and I don’t feel the radiation like I used to. You are geniuses! I would recommend it to anyone who uses their phone on a regular basis.

Mark Smith

True Effects Hand & Skin Shield

My husband's hands get really dry from setting up our trailer when we go camping, to the point where sometimes they bleed. Well this absolutely works! Also, when we go somewhere tropical and are walking on the beach, we both put this on our feet & voila, no more dry feet, especially the heels.

Happy Go Lucky

True Effects Hand & Skin Shield

This cream is absolutely essential for anyone who works outside gardening!

Shad from Manitoba

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